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Welcome to ecchiTOKYO!

Our mission: Deliver the most unique quality Japanese adult toys brands to your door. 

Sent directly from Tokyo, Japan, our product lines have strong connections to the anime and JAV culture. Our goal is to offer the most unique onahole variety for those cultured fellows. 

During our research, we discovered that there simply aren’t many stores outside Japan where you can get THAT special product for you. That is the main reason of ecchiTOKYO conception at the end of 2021. 

We know you will find something to satisfy your interests and open the door to new experiences.


ecchiTOKYO is made up of 3 representative brands

Launched in 2012, G PROJECT concept is to provide the most reliable pleasure by using the highest Japanese-quality materials. Its main product lines include anime onaholes and organic lubes made in Japan. 
Official Japanese Website: http://www.gpro.jp/top.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gproject_info



Launched in 2013, PXPXP’s concept is “Erotic Justice”. We believe eroticism is something to share and experiment with! Its products lines specialize in boob-toys, Japanese made dildos, anal good & more! We have had collaborations with LiLiTH, DMM online games & more!
Official Japanese Website: https://www.pxpxp.jp/top/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/papipupepo_ppp



Launched in 2008, EXE is defined by its crazy unique anime onaholes and hyperrealism in every exclusive AV actress onaholes. We like to think EXE is for the HARDCORE onahole lover. Use at your own risk! 
We also offer a wide range of female-friendly items like vibrators, rotors, lotions & more!