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Better Than The Real Thing? – Onaholes vs. Hands, Mouths, and Vaginas

Introduction One of the most common sex toys for men are artificial vaginas. Also known as male masturbators, masturbation sleeves, and strokers, they are designed to mimic the feel of having penis-to-vagina-sex; and can come lubricated, with heating functions, contraction functions etc.  In Japan, these types of male sex toys are known as onaholes. The […]


Don’t Get Tied Up (Or Do) – BDSM Themed Hentai Anime Recommendations

Introduction BDSM is an abbreviation derived from the following sets of abbreviations: B/D for Bondage and Discipline; D/s for Dominance and Submission; and S/M for Sadism and Masochism. This acronym refers to interpersonal dynamics and consensual erotic practices between two or more people that feature bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. BDSM has also […]


Taking the Plunge – A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your First Sex Toy

Introduction Hello there! If you’re reading this then perhaps you’ve finally mustered up the courage to buy your first sex toy and are doing some research! That’s great. Research can help ease and alleviate some of the anxiety and worries you might have about buying your first sex toy by arming you with all the […]


Putting It To Bed – Debunking Myths and Misconceptions About Sex Toys

Introduction A sex toy is an object or device used to sexually stimulate a person in order to enhance sexual pleasure and/or to achieve orgasm. Some common sex toys include masturbating sleeves, dildos, cock rings, and vibrators. Many sex toys are modeled after human genitalia and can come with vibrating and self-warming options.  Contrary to […]


Sexual Satisfaction – How It’s Defined and What Influences It

Introduction Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared sexual satisfaction to be a sexual right? Really emphasizes how important it is for a good chunk of the global populace, doesn’t it? Interestingly though, a generally agreed upon definition of what sexual satisfaction is remains debated in the scientific, medical, psychology, and […]


Why Is Hentai So Popular And With Whom?

Defining “Hentai” In 2011, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) officially added the term “hentai” to its vocabulary ranks, granting it the following definition: “A subgenre of a Japanese genre of manga and anime characterized by overtly sexualized characters and sexually explicit images and plots.” While the definition adheres to how the term is used in […]


Strange, Bizarre, and Interesting Facts About Sex

Introduction Sex is weird, isn’t it? Two (or more!) naked, sweaty bodies bumping and grinding and sliding up and down each other. No wonder Shakespeare described it as “making the beast with two backs”.  In this listicle, we’ll be looking at the strange, bizarre, and admittedly interesting world that is sex – what happens to […]


Sex Glossary – Terms that End in –ING

Introduction There are seemingly endless terms for sex acts and practices that are constantly being added and evolving. Today, we’re going to look at terms for sex acts and practices that end in –ing. Cuckolding Popular in BDSM play, cuckolding can also be seen as a form of humiliation play where a person in a […]


Ecchi Genre Anime Recommendations

What is Ecchi? The ecchi genre is a sub-genre of Japanese manga, anime, computer games etc. and is characterized by suggestive, light, and playful sexual imagery and themes, usually used for comedic effect, or brought on by a mishap or misunderstanding of the situation.  In Western terminology, the ecchi genre can be categorized as softcore […]


Top 10 Most Embarrassing Places You Can Get Caught Masturbating

Introduction Masturbation, also colloquially known as wanking, jerking off, or jacking off, is defined as “the act of touching and stimulating erogenous zones of one’s body and/or one’s sexual organs for the purpose of sexual gratification and usually, orgasm”.  Masturbating is considered normal and healthy as it contributes to a positive awareness of one’s sexual […]


Porn Addiction Realities and What to Do for It

Definition Porn addiction is defined as “a compulsive need to view pornography despite its negative consequences on the individual’s life and state of wellbeing.” It could be argued that it is a type of hypersexual behavioral disorder, which is similar to excessive masturbation and cybersex. The difference between having an avid interest in porn and […]


Anal Sex – Exploring the Other Side

Introduction Anal sex, colloquially known as “butt stuff”, is the general term used to describe any sexual activity involving the anus. Many people assume that anal sex refers to the insertion of an erect penis into an anus for sexual pleasure but this particular sexual activity is known as anal intercourse. Anal sex can involve […]